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A Year’s Worth of Food (in a cost-effective way)

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How to Grow a Food Forest for Free and Cheap

Nature provides us with everything for free, and it is completely possible to harness resources to economically grow a food forest.

Sourcing your forest garden the “free” way may take more time than buying it. Either dedicate time to making your food forest or spend time on something else to buy you a food forest quickly.

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What it Costs to Grow a Food Forest + Ways to Afford It

The most simple way to afford a food forest is to start saving a lump sum for the upfront infrastructure and biological capital, and then create a monthly budget for spending going forward.

As cheap food prices rise we all want a fruiting forest garden as quickly as possible. What we also need is to learn essential skills along the way. You’ll determine the price of your food forest by splitting the amount it costs into two categories.

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Do Food Forests Need Fertilizer? (Free Fertility Designs)

For a passive source of food, your food forest garden must have self-made soil fertility built into its design. Various modes of general fertilizers are naturally produced from every forest.

If you don’t want to be the one to make, transport, and add fertilizer; build this function into your food forest system.

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11 Ways To Use Old (or Extra Left Over) Metal Fence

Whether your metal fencing is old or excessive and leftover; multiple functions can be made with both.

With grazing deer on the loose, we ordered more than enough garden fences because falling short wasn’t an option. Our leftover fencing was quickly turned into a dozen different things we needed anyway.

In this article, you’ll find good uses for old fence panels, what to do with leftover chainlink fence, numerous ways how to reuse metal fencing, and the best thing you can do with an old metal fence if none of these ideas work for you.

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What it Costs to Grow Mushrooms (Indoor vs Outdoor)

Growing your own mushrooms costs less than buying them at the store. So what will it take to actually do it? Mushrooms can be cultivated in multiple ways. Some methods are less costly than others.

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