How To Sell Turkey Tail Mushrooms (4 Ways)

The market potential of turkey tail mushrooms is unlocked through offering them in various forms and locations with strategic selling. We learned that two main strategies brought more buyers to the table.

A strong presence and consumer awareness are the main drivers that sell turkey tail mushrooms. Becoming known as the fancy local mushroom seller sparks the curiosity needed for consumers to learn about your product. As consumers learn about them and prioritize their health, more sales happen.

To keep them coming back, you’ll need to offer convenient, pleasant, and quick ways to consume the benefits of turkey tail. This relies on your chosen extraction methods.

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From understanding consumer demand to implementing successful sales strategies, this article is your roadmap to selling Turkey Tail mushrooms.

Is there a market for turkey tail mushrooms?

As turkey tail mushrooms offer health-promoting compounds its demand is driven by an increased interest in natural health and wellness.

Turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) has gained a portion of the natural health and wellness market for its potential immune-modulating properties. Consumers are buying turkey tail as powder, capsules, tinctures, and dried for tea.

Yahoo Finance lists a portion of companies that are actively and successfully selling turkey tail mushrooms. As we dive deeper, you can see reviews on their website and popular forums, such as Reddit.

Here’s an example of Real Mushrooms and what everyday consumers are saying about their turkey tail on Reddit. Forums offer a ton of insights on what people watch for in their products, too!

One of several insightful Reddit forum comments regarding turkey tail mushroom product demand

Factors that expand the turkey tail market

Several factors, trends, and practices expand the turkey tail mushroom market.

  1. Health and Wellness Trends: Conscious consumers are not only eliminating processed foods from their diets but also seeking natural products to further their health.
  2. Traditional Medicine: Turkey Tail has a long history of use in traditional medicine. As people are striving to be healthier, an interest in traditional medicines is increasingly entertained to prevent getting sick or to remedy mild symptoms.
  3. Research, Media, & Social Media: Scientific studies on the potential health benefits of Turkey Tail mushrooms have gained attention. Positive findings in research studies are brought forth by various media and social media outlets.
  4. Availability of Products: Turkey Tail mushrooms are available in various forms, making them accessible to a broad audience. Popular products include dried mushrooms for tea and supplements in the form of capsules or tincture extracts.
  5. Holistic Health & Naturopathic Medicine: The holistic wellness community often seeks and promotes natural and plant-based remedies—Turkey Tail is a mushroom that grows worldwide.
  6. Mushroom growers and foragers: as more everyday people forage and grow their own mushrooms their family and friends are seeing their take-home hauls. This sparks a conversation and the benefits of mushrooms spread by word of mouth. Not everyone, however, wants to do the work to forage and grow mushrooms.

In general, selling turkey tail mushrooms is most lucrative for foragers or cultivators.

If you enjoy both activities you could forage and cultivate turkey tail since they’re easy to find and grow!

See: 3 Best Ways to Grow Turkey Tail (In + Outdoors) or trustworthy foraging guides (not AI-produced).

4 Ways to Sell Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Turkey tail can be sold in various ways to people who want to do different things with it.

  1. Dried whole turkey tail: for those who want to make their own tea to drink
  2. Liquid double-extraction tincture: for those who want to consume the maximum compounds of the mushrooms
  3. Powdered extract: For those who want to do various convenient things with a bag of extract powder
  4. Capsuled extract: for those who take supplements as part of their routine and want a familiar form when consuming turkey tail

It’s easiest to sell whole dried turkey tail.

It’s most profitable to offer double-extraction tincture or bulk powdered extract.

It’s an extra step and cost to you and the consumer to capsule the powder.

This article explains the crucial difference between turkey tail powder and powdered extract—a buyer will be looking for the powdered extract.

Turkey tail mushroom price per pound

The price per pound of turkey tail varies based on the degree of processing it has undergone. You can offer turkey tail in its whole form for a lower price without doing any extractions, or offer an extraction that is ready to consume right away.

On average, dried whole turkey tail mushrooms are $60 per 1 lb and an extract powder is $70 per 0.2 lbs. While the range in price, by product, may seem vast it’s completely justified. Dried whole or powdered turkey tail mushroom is not ready for consumption while an extract of any form is.

To decide which version to sell, try selling both and find out what your customers want.

Customers who want to drink turkey tail tea would prefer the whole dried mushrooms and do their own extractions.

Customers who don’t want to do the work to extract anything will want an extraction of some form. Extractions come in tinctures, powders, or ready-made teas. Tinctures and powders have a long shelf life which is easiest to sell.

Before committing to the mode in which you sell turkey tail, any first-time buyer of Real Mushrooms gets 25% off their order using TASTETEST at checkout (and 15% thereafter). Their bulk extract powder is popular and the hot chocolate is a winner in my opinion.

Gathering a sense of what the competition offers will help you create better and more affordable products for your local communities.

What is the shelf life of turkey tail mushrooms?

In general, a 1-year shelf life of dried forms of turkey tail whole or extracted are recommended. Over time, things change and fresher anything is always better, so using them within a year ensures you consume it at a state of peak quality.

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